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Background Momentive Performance Materials Specialties (MPMS) is a leading global producer of speciality chemical compounds and materials used in applications ranging from automation to construction, plastics and oil and gas. These products are manufactured in in various international locations and specifically in Termoli in Italy.   The production processes in Termoli involve volatile gases consequently many areas of the plant are classified as hazardous areas with Explosion proof ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 21 ratings. These gases can also be highly corrosive requiring extreme resistance to corrosion and high IP ratings up to IP68 for lighting equipment. Objective MPMS’s objective was to greatly reduce lighting energy consumption and also eliminate lighting maintenance costs at Momentive Termoli by substituting legacy florescent and halogen lighting with high quality lights suited for a demanding environment at all times ensuring LED lighting illumination levels are equal to or better than current levels using legacy technology. Momentive selected McGeoch to deliver a complete plant wide relamping requiring the substitution of all existing legacy lighting fittings numbering circa 2500 fittings with McGeoch high efficiency, energy saving LED fittings compliant to ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 21 with ingress protection to IP68 as well as standard LED lights with protection to IP65 Key factors in choosing the McGeoch solution were the exceptional ruggedness of the Endurance range designed for harsh environments such as the offshore oil platforms in the North Sea ,the 10 year maintenance free life that totally eliminated maintenance costs together with a greater than 50% energy saving and McGeoch’s “Turn Key Package” capability. Turnkey Package The project was a ATEX zone 1 and Zone 21 package and involved McGeoch 1. Evaluating the existing population of 2200 legacy fittings light levels and energy consumption, using light modeling software to create both an existing and a proposed light map for the whole plant covering 19,900 square metres. 2. The next step was to removing legacy fittings and arrange for their environmental disposal and supplying and installing a new high efficiency LED solution for ATEX zone 1 and Zone 21 rated areas and also standard areas such as perimeter lights, office lighting and outdoor waterproof high bay lights. 3. Then audit all plant areas to ensure light levels matched or exceeded the previous levels. 4. Finally to offer advise, as required, on order for MPMS to obtain carbon saving certificates to enhance savings (TEE). Self Financed Lights As further added value McGeoch were also able to offer a  “self-finance” leasing option for the project by using the savings from energy saving and lower maintenance costs to more than pay for the acquisition, installation and finance costs This meant NO INVESTMENT was required to produce monthly savings . Over 60 months the new system could be fully paid for and in the subsequent years of service the financial savings would be exclusively for the benefit of MPMS. In this case MPMS chose to retain retain benefit of the entire savings with an outright purchase . A Better Technology The LED savings solution ensured several advantages compared to the existing fluorescent fixtures A better light distribution: the Directional light source of LED permits a better use of lumens to achieve the best light distribution. Degradation: LED fixtures have a low Light Decadence vs fluorescent with a degradation of only 20% vs 40% on florescent technology. Durability: LED fixtures have a minimum life-time of 50.000 hours or greater than 10 years based on expected Momentive usage levels. Maintenance Costs Saving: LED fixtures have no necessity of maintenance for expected life-time (other than surface cleaning). This dramatically reduces down time and production interruption which has a economic benefit which is often greater than the pure maintenance cost reduction. Easy to manage: LED fixtures don’t have ballast or starter, which eliminates the need to have stocks of spare parts and less storage space. Ecology: the LED technology doesn’t require special disposal once exhausted such as Mercury. Substantial CO2 reduction contributing to Momentive sustainability targets. Entitlement to carbon credits (TEE or Certificati Bianchi in Italy) with an economic value that benefits the payback case. Results Up to 25% better levels of illumination making many areas much safer and visible. 50% Energy saving and 100% Maintenance savings which will produce circa €750,000 of savings over 5 years. Click images of Termoli Plant below to enlarge Further Facts McGeoch Endurance Certification McGeoch Technology’s LED Endurance range of ATEX certified lights have been tested and certified by accredited internationally recognised Test House CSA Group (SIRA). McGeoch ATEX lights are 100% built in our factory in Birmingham in the UK. The SIRA certifying agency also regularly audits and checks that McGeoch’s manufacturing processes in Birmingham are in full conformance with the certification obtained and ensures that the processes and controls are in line with the requirements of the testing facility The Endurance LED Luminaire conforms to the European norms EN 60079-0:2012  -  IEC 60079-0:2011         EN 60079-5:2007  -  IEC 60079-5:2007 - 03         EN 60079-7:2007  -  IEC 60079-7:2006 - 07 EN 60079-18:2009  -  IEC 60079-18:2009 EN 60079-31:2009  -  IEC 60079-31:2008 Contact us today for a free evaluation of the your site for a McGeoch Turnkey solution.